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Motivations to Sell Your Home or properties:

I am relocating - I don't want to lease to family or tenants.  I already have bad tenants.

My children are grown and moved out - Court order-divorce or Estate?

I just inherited the property, The house needs to many repairs, The property is fire damaged,

Structural damage, I need low maintenance, There is too much land-I want to sell the lot,

I Just lost my job - I need cash out to downsize and pay off debt

I am behind in mortgage payments, I can't pay the taxes.  I am facing foreclosure or bancruptcy,

The property is vacant- The house has squatters living inside.

If any of these statements are occuring , it might be time to call to receive Real Estate Services.

Lets make what you want happen!


Brocks Consulting & Real Estate Services Corp.

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